Rocket Now Shows You Nearby Homes For Sale On Apple CarPlay

Rocket Homes has a new plan for encouraging homeownership: showing Americans homes for sale as they’re driving.

Rocket Homes, the real estate service arm of Rocket Companies, made its iOS app available in cars, trucks, and SUVs through Apple CarPlay in order to turn the “everyday commute into an exciting and natural part of the homebuying journey,” company leaders said in a press release.

Users click the “Nearby” tab of the app on CarPlay to pull up homes listed for sale in the area. Drivers can then get directions to the home, call an agent, or save the listing for later viewing on their iPhone.

“The Rocket Homes app is making house hunting more convenient for busy homebuyers on-the-go,” said Doug Seabolt, CEO of Rocket Homes. 

“When looking for a new home, the search never stops – even when you are driving around town. That was the thought that led to this feature. Now, when home shoppers see a place that catches their eye, they do not need to remember an address, cross streets, or a phone number because Rocket Homes has it handled for them.”  

The app’s AI functionality recommends homes based on users’ preferences, compiled through their “Favorited” list.

“By using the Rocket Homes app through CarPlay, homebuyers are able to visualize what their future could look like in real-time, bringing real estate to life right on the street where buyers could potentially live,” said Eric Prigot, Founder and Principle Real Estate Agent at The Collective Team at Compass.

Rocket Homes has been named on the App Store’s list of Best App for Homebuying and recognized as one of the best apps for iOS 17.

Rocket has embraced AI as a tool for encouraging and streamlining homeownership in the U.S. Its AI and machine learning-powered search engine, Pathfinder, is used by more than 40,000 housing professionals.

“We’re the world’s first internet-powered lender. We are on the journey right now of becoming the world’s first AI-powered homeownership company,” Brian Woodring, chief information officer of Rocket Mortgage, told The Mortgage Note.

“[T]he way we see it is that the role that AI can play is in simplifying, streamlining, automating, and making the entire process much more confidence-inspiring for our team members, for our partners, and for our clients.”

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