Rocket Doubles Down On Broker Market

Quicken Loans Mortgage Services is taking a bigger step into the broker pool – with new offerings and a new name.

Quicken Loans Mortgage Services – which serves brokers, community banks and credit unions – will be rebranded as Rocket Pro TPO by late November. As part of the rebrand, the lender is creating a broker-branded origination hub to streamline the loan process.

“Through the thousands of conversations we have had with our partners, we know brokers want cutting edge technology, marketing support and more referrals. QLMS is now aligning with the Rocket brand – the most recognizable mortgage brand in the country – and giving partners the ability to use it in their marketing to assist more Americans,” said Austin Niemiec, who will be executive vice president of Rocket Pro TPO.

“We have spent billions of dollars in the development and marketing of the Rocket platform which we are now delivering directly to brokers to leverage and grow their business.”

As part of the rebrand, brokers will be able to use Quicken’s Rocket Mortgage name through co-branding. Additionally, Rocket Pro TPO will share 10,000 purchase leads with its network of brokers.

“Rocket Mortgage has truly set itself apart from the rest of the industry because we have taken an incredibly difficult and labor-intensive process and distilled it into a simple technology platform that allows clients – and now our partners – to have unmatched visibility and communication,” said Bob Walters, President and COO of Rocket Mortgage.  “As we continued to grow and evolve our business, we always looked forward to the day when we could extend its reach to our broker partners, who play such an important role in helping clients achieve the American Dream of homeownership.”