Rocket Homes Search App Now On Apple Vision Pro

Tech-minded buyers can tour homes in virtual reality on the Rocket Homes app, now available on Apple Vision Pro.

The app features a home search page and map of nearby listings. The listings fill the user’s entire field of vision and give a realistic sense of the location and layout of the home, including a “Look Around” option that lets them see the neighborhood and exterior.

Listings that include 3D tours allow potential buyers to tour inside as well, seeing each room in detail.

“At Rocket Homes, we know there are millions of people who are waiting for the right moment to buy a home. We also know that there are many ways to find and fall in love with your next house during the homebuying journey,” said Sam Vida, President and Chief Product Officer of Rocket Homes. 

“We are constantly developing new ways to make the home search more convenient and effective.”

Other features include comparing listings side-by-side in Apple Vision Pro by using hand gestures to move them and zoom in on maps. Users can also explore with friends or family through Apple’s SharePlay, which utilizes FaceTime to share screens.

Homebuyers navigate the markets they’re considering homes in just by stating the location they’re looking for. If they’re signed into their Rocket account, it will prioritize listings they might like based on previous browsing.

“As an agent, I’ve had many buyers moving to another state who purchase a home sight unseen due to the cost and time it would take to travel to those properties,” said Matt Mesimer, real estate agent at Keller Williams Realty Smart 1 in Winter Haven, Florida.

“This also helps agents like me by giving buyers a preview of the home before any physical walk-throughs are necessary, streamlining the overall process to get them into their new home faster than was previously possible.”

This is the second Apple partnership in three months for the Rocket app. The company announced an integration with CarPlay in December 2023, in which buyers are shown listings as they’re driving near them.

Rocket is emphasizing AI and other tech advancements as the market slowly corrects.

“We’ve always been tech-focused, obviously, but with newer technologies becoming more available, with the emergence of AI and how accessible it has become to companies and people, just even in the last 12 months, philosophically, we decided as a leadership team, we’re going to lean in,” Vida told The Mortgage Note during a recent interview.

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