Real Estate AI MORGAN Can Now Calculate Rates, Communicates With Borrowers

Sun West Mortgage and Cellifence announced enhancements to its “empathetic” real estate AI MORGAN.

MORGAN is a 24/7 personal assistant A.I. platform designed to automate certain tasks for real estate professionals, primarily in lead follow-up and marketing.

Company leaders said MORGAN has gone through “unprecedented innovation,” adding several new capabilities to the platform. It can now create property listings, create and execute email or phone call campaigns for new leads, follow daily mortgage interest rates, and accept applications from prospective homebuyers.

To create new listings, users input details like address, price, and photos. MORGAN will then design a landing page including a property description and real estate license info.

MORGAN can also use users’ email templates and phone scripts to contact leads and then, once a week, provide a detailed update on all contact.

Finally, MORGAN now features an application portal that walks buyers through the process, allowing them to upload documents immediately and see their loan file created in real-time. If anything is missing, MORGAN contacts borrowers on behalf of the loan officer and reminds them to upload their documents, according to company leaders.

“Homebuyers need a streamlined loan buying process that does not confuse them or overwhelm them and Realtors need a system that is fast and intuitive to use,” the press release reads.

Sun West added that more updates are coming soon, saying that MORGAN will be able to run credit, allow buyers to pay for their appraisal fees, check outstanding conditions in their loan files, send offline messages, and electronically sign documents– all available within the next 30 days.

“These updates and future updates are all aimed at making the homebuying process as fast and smooth as possible. Instead of having to go onto various different websites to do things like pay for an appraisal, sign documents, or check the interest rate, everything will be able to be done in one place,” company leaders said.

MORGAN was announced last year and has gained some traction since then. Now, Agarwal has created a video series to educate interested parties on MORGAN. The webinars are free and open to the public.

Sun West Mortgage Company is a tech-focused lender servicing a multi-billion-dollar loan portfolio and working in all 50 states, according to leaders. Cellifence, an affiliate of Sun West, is a fintech company working on AI process automation and other innovations in the financial services industry.