Sun West Mortgage Releases MORGAN, A Real Estate AI Personal Assistant

Is the real estate industry ready for artificial intelligence? Sun West Mortgage is betting yes.

Paval Agarwal, CEO of both Sun West Mortgage and its affiliate Celligence, has created a 24/7 personal assistant A.I. platform called MORGAN, and he’s ready to teach the world how to use it.

MORGAN is designed to automate certain tasks for real estate professionals, primarily in lead follow-up and marketing.

Borrowers can apply for a loan through MORGAN, which analyzes their loan documents immediately to calculate their options. Potential clients will receive automatic follow-up emails and calls four days after contacting a realtor, according to information provided by company leaders.

On the marketing side, MORGAN can create listings in minutes, with realtors needing only to provide licensing info, listing photos, and property information. Listings include a financing chart with conventional, VA, and FHA loan scenarios, including interest rate, APR, and monthly payment info.

Agarwal says MORGAN was programmed using all the knowledge and data collected throughout Sun West Mortgage’s 42 years of business. “So, MORGAN is never wrong and all decisions are warranted by Sun West,” the press release reads, “meaning Sun West stands behind MORGAN 100% of the time.”


MORGAN was announced last year and has gained some traction since then. Now, Agarwal has created a video series to educate interested parties on MORGAN. The webinars are free and open to the public.

This is an ongoing series with live sessions scheduled in the upcoming weeks, with the next one on March 8th at 4 p.m. EST.

Sun West Mortgage Company is a tech-focused lender servicing a multi-billion-dollar loan portfolio and working in all 50 states, according to leaders.

Cellifence, an affiliate of Sun West, is a fintech company working on AI process automation and other innovations in the financial services industry.