HomeZada Launches AI Assistant

HomeZada has launched an AI Chat Assistant, Zada.

HomeZada is a cloud-based digital home management company created in 2012. Zada will be added to the company’s suite of apps designed to make buying and managing a home simple, according to company leaders.

Homeowners can ask questions about maintenance, remodeling, insurance, finances, and the real estate process at large, and receive information directly on the app.

“HomeZada’s mission is to allow homeowners to access all of the data about their largest financial asset in one place. Integrating Zada AI Chat with HomeZada’s already-robust blend of unique apps, content, and data gives our customers even more of the latest information they need to maximize the value of their homes and save money, time, stress, and impact on the environment,” said HomeZada co-founder John Bodrozic.

Bodrozic noted that Google queries about finances, insurance, and the overall homebuying process typically produce too many links with not enough good information. The result is even more confusion.

Integrated into the HomeZada application, Zada can declutter the information search process. It can also engage in a two-way conversation about home and real estate questions. 

For questions about remodeling, it creates a template with an automated budget range for each necessary item, as well as product and brand recommendations.

With Zada’s introduction, the company has joined a growing list of companies jumping head-first into new AI products.

AI assistants like MORGAN and Dwelly, plus apps like Black Knight’s Validate, take advantage of the latest technology.

The real estate world is taking notice, with AI discussions taking place at the National Association of Real Estate Editors conference this year.

“In real estate, there is going to be a massive transition of who’s going to get consumer’s attention,” Glenn Phillips, CEO of Lake Homes Realty, said of AI’s impact on the market.

A how-to video for using Zada can be found here.

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