DwellWell Launches Homebuyer AI “Dwelly”

Real estate fintech DwellWell has launched a conversational AI designed for homebuyers, according to a press release.

Leaders at the company announced Dwelly, a one-stop resource “for every homebuyer question and need throughout the process.”

Dwelly is meant to replace the “antiquated” high-touch experience for both homebuyers and industry pros. A homebuyer’s questions can be fielded through Dwelly at any hour of the day, saving real estate agents and mortgage lenders time.

It also routes buyers to real people when the need arises, including matching a buyer to real estate agents in their area when they’re ready for the next steps.

Millennials, the largest cohort of homebuyers, prefer communicating via chat to get quick answers over making a call. Dwelly is designed to give this demographic access to a fast AI chatbot.

“Everything our team builds should make the home buying process easier and more transparent,” said Samantha Carow, CTO of DwellWell. “Dwelly is a huge step in this mission because it makes it simple for homebuyers to get their questions quickly answered in a way that makes sense – through dialog.”

Carow added that real people are necessary for a real estate transaction. Dwelly’s purpose is to add value and technology to the homebuyer experience.

“We 100% believe that the people involved in a real estate transaction are vital,” she said.

Dwelly isn’t the first real estate AI in the game. Sun West Mortgage introduced its “empathetic” AI personal assistant MORGAN last year. It is designed to automate certain tasks for real estate professionals, primarily in lead follow-up and marketing.