Morning Roundup (7/20/2023) — Company News

Good Morning! Today is Thursday, July 20. Russia is targeting Ukraine’s food exports, attacking port facilities in Odesa. Stanford’s president will resign after an investigation found falsified data in his past scientific research. Wesleyan University in Connecticut is ending its admission policy of preference for legacy students.

The Mortgage Note Reports

Chen At AHL: Simon Chen has been named president and CEO of buy-first lender Arrival Home Loans.

Another AI: HomeZada has launched an AI Chat Assistant, Zada, that answers real estate and home management questions.

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In other mortgage and housing news…

Life Left In The Market: Profit margins on home sales rebounded in Q2 as prices edged higher and mortgage rates have largely stabilized.

Americans Adapting: The typical home sale price rose 2.1% during the last four weeks, the biggest jump in months, as buyers get used to the market’s new normal.

Hit The Bottom: Existing-home sales are more influenced by why rates are rising than the rising itself. FirstAm explores if existing-home sales have bottomed out.

Innovate A Solution: Austin’s explosive growth is creating a space for innovation, as demand draws attention to home shortages and affordability concerns.

Company News: Experian Verify can now access payroll accounts to verify income; Angel Oak hired a new Chief Legal Officer; fintech Doma sold its Texas and Midwest local retail operations to Texas Capital.