UWM Rebrands Consumer-Facing Website To “Mortgage Matchup”

United Wholesale Mortgage is rebranding its consumer-facing website to reflect a more modern approach to connecting consumers and real estate agents with independent mortgage brokers.

The website’s name, FindAMortgageBroker.com, will be replaced with Mortgage Matchup. Leaders at UWM say this gives the brand a modern and refreshed identity.

The site offers educational materials about the buying and refinancing processes, as well as a searchable database of brokers in their area.

UWM’s marketing team conducted the research and concept testing for the rebrand in-house.

“We are incredibly excited to further connect consumers and real estate agents with independent mortgage brokers across the country through this rebrand,” said Chief Marketing Officer Sarah DeCiantis. 

“The DNA and mission of this website has not changed, rather Mortgage Matchup provides a new visual identity to help us resonate with consumers in a more modern, approachable way. We know the benefits of partnering with a mortgage broker and this rebrand will allow us to make those benefits more widely known and help consumers save thousands of dollars on their mortgage.”

New branding will be rolled out with UWM’s Little Ceasars Arena and Pine Knob partnerships in metro Detroit.

UWM’s most recent earnings report showed the company originated $29.7 billion in loans in Q3 2023.

Mat Ishbia, chairman and CEO of UWMC, said they are investing in technology and hiring new team members with the expectation that rates will moderate in 2024, reinvigorating the market.

“While others choose to dwell on high mortgage rates and low housing inventory, at UWM we remain focused on growing our market share and the broker channel. We are investing in new technology and hiring new team members to ensure that we are prepared for the eventual turn in rates. In the meantime, we expect to continue to generate significant purchase volume and remain highly profitable,” Ishbia said.

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