Unify Introduces Prequalified Leads Product

Mortgage business growth platform Unify introduced a new product for finding quality leads, the company announced in a press release.

A subsidiary of Lone Wolf Technologies, Unify is a business growth platform designed for the residential mortgage industry. It serves some of the industry’s largest lenders, banks, credit unions, and brokers, with $47 billion in loans closed and just under one million loans originated annually.

Prequalified Leads gives users prequalified mortgage information that doesn’t impact customer credit scores.

“Unify understands the current economic conditions and how that can affect the hyper-competitive mortgage market,” said Rodney Eten, Director of Application Development. 

“Our goal is to continue to provide our clients with industry-leading product solutions that enhance their business. Introducing Prequalified Leads to our portfolio of product offerings allows us to provide a unique cost-saving solution to differentiate verified leads for our customers.”

The product is available as an add-on to Unify’s suite of software tools for mortgage professionals. It works in conjunction with the platform’s core workflow and marketing automation technology.

Customer data is protected with a SOC 2 Type2– and Experian EI3PA–certified product.

Trigger leads are increasingly important for lenders as the housing market corrects.

In a high-rate environment, fewer home shoppers can qualify for the loan needed to buy.

Because of this, approaching the right buyers in the right way is paramount. Alex Parker, Regional Mortgage Manager for Prosperity Home Mortgage and Ebby Halliday, recently told WFAA of a demonstration at a recent conference in which a presenter “had his own personal credit pulled on stage on day one of the event. By the end of day one, he had been contacted by 27 different lenders.”

By the end of the week, it he was contacted by 100 lenders.

“Everybody’s going after this very small pool of fish and trying to get them,” he said.