Realtors Nix In-Person New Orleans Conference

Realtors: Get your online meeting backgrounds ready.

The National Association of Realtors announced Wednesday that its REALTORS Conference & Expo – scheduled for Nov. 13-16 in New Orleans – will be held virtually due to “health and safety concerns stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

“While positive indicators begin to show our economy is rebounding and treatment options for COVID-19 are proving more effective, so much remains unknown about this virus and the circumstances we will face as a nation come this fall,” NAR President Vince Malta said. “In order to prioritize the health and safety of our members, staff and sponsors, NAR looks forward to hosting a fully virtual REALTORS Conference & Expo this November.”

NAR conducted a survey in May gauging member and staff willingness to attend an in-person conference in the fall – and the results were not encouraging. Sixty-seven percent were “net detractors” about attending, citing safety concerns, the need to avoid crowds and the unlikeliness of a vaccine by November.

Late last month NAR’s research group conducted multiple surveys to gauge member and association staff’s willingness to attend an in-person conference this November. More than two thirds, or 67%, of members emerged as “net detractors” when asked about their willingness to travel to New Orleans. In the survey, which was sent via email to 55,223 NAR members and generated 4,135 unique responses, these detractors noted lingering safety concerns when traveling, their expectation to still be avoiding crowds in November, and the unlikelihood of a vaccine being available by that time.

NAR will announce more details, including registration information, in the coming weeks.