Morning Roundup (4/22/2024) — McCargo Out

Good Morning! Today is Monday, April 22. Columbia University will hold classes virtually today as protests at the school continue. The U.S. is considering sanctions on some Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank. Armed men attacked voting booths in northeastern India. Today is Earth Day.

The Mortgage Note Reports

Retirement Communities: Are you ready to cash in on the equity in your home and retire? Writer Chuck Green takes a look at life plan communities.

McCargo Out: Ginnie Mae president Alanna McCargo is stepping down, calling the move a “deeply personal decision to return to private life.”

Section 184 Update: HUD announced a new final rule aimed at boosting homeownership for Native American families.

In other mortgage and housing news…

Helping Or Hurting?: Are older Americans aging in place or stuck in their current house? Homeownership may not be the boon to retirees that it once was.

Delinquencies Down: Serious delinquencies are at their lowest since 2006 as foreclosures slip and prepayments rise to their highest point in seven months.

Ripple Effect: The housing shortage is hurting every part of the economy, affecting jobs, economic growth, wealth inequality, and inflation.

Company News: Arc Home rebranded with a new logo and slogan; Local Logic partnered with homegenius Inc.

Rentals In The Crosshairs: Hawaii lawmakers are targeting short-term rentals after wildfires amplified the state’s already dire housing shortage.