Floify Unveils Flexible Pricing Platform

POS provider Floify introduced a sidekick to its popular platform that includes a flexible per-loan pricing option.

Lender Edition, the newly badged version of Floify’s POS, is a counterpart to Broker Edition, the one-stop lending platform it introduced last December.

The product still offers the most popular features among Floify users, including an intuitive interface for borrowers and lenders, automated document management workflows, free native eSign functionality, verification of income and employment waterfall functionality, and loan progress transparency.

Lenders can now take advantage of these features without breaking the bank.

“While some vendors are squeezing lenders on pricing during market hardship, Floify is committed to being a supportive partner by being flexible on pricing without compromising access to product features or quality. Lender Edition is designed to tackle the industry’s biggest challenges head-on, providing unparalleled support for creating optimal borrower experiences and achieving operational excellence,” said Floify President and General Manager Sofia Rossato. 

“We make it possible for lenders to provide a sleek and intuitive loan management portal for borrowers and manage pipelines effectively at a cost-effective price point.”

Floify says Lender Edition also benefits the recruitment and retention of LOs, and helps with navigating regulatory landscapes.

Lender Edition comes with dozens of native integrations pre-equipped, allowing for an easy transition.

Colorado-based Floify, a subsidiary of Porch Group, streamlines the loan process through its digital automation solution, providing a secure application, communication, and document portal for lenders and borrowers.

It launched a verification of income and employment waterfall technology in September, helping lenders and brokers save time and reduce costs during the loan origination process.