Clever Launches Product Suite For Mortgage Lenders

Clever Real Estate announced a suite of integrated products for lenders to protect their purchase pipeline, increase conversations, and close more loans.

Clever Pro is an all-in-one solution for mortgage lenders composed of five products. Each one helps lenders to drive higher profits and maximize performance, according to company leaders.

Tony Cahal, SVP of Clever Pro, said their team has built something groundbreaking. 

“Clever Pro solves so many longstanding problems for lenders that hinder profitability and growth. We’re giving them trusted partners in every market nationwide, plus technology to manage the entire buyer journey, all within a single unified ecosystem,” Cahal said in a statement.

Pro Convert is geared towards boosting conversion rates by matching borrowers with Realtors who then work with a loan officer, creating better customer experience and revenue per lead.

Pro Connect offers real-time status updates and feedback from all parties involved so loan officers can respond to concerns more quickly and efficiently. 

Pro Search gives borrowers the opportunity to browse homes and schedule viewings within the lender’s own branded ecosystem, keeping them at the top of mind while customers shop for a home.

Pro Insights is designed for teams, providing real-time loan officer performance data so teams can see what works and what doesn’t. Targeted sales coaching and lead routing are available on the fully configurable dashboard.

Finally, Pro Amplify turns each closing and piece of positive feedback into social media bites that loan officers can share on their business pages.

Mortgage lenders believe generally that once the market turns to growth, those who have adopted the best technology will end up on top.

Wolters Kluwer surveyed 110 mortgage and financial executives about their plans for investment in staffing and technology, and 72% said they believe using technology yields higher operational gains than additional staff.

Lenders cited digital closing, eVault, eSignature, remote online notary services, new document generation solutions, post-closing document management, and automated document filing as their areas of interest in mortgage technology.

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