Anyone Wants U.S. Lenders To Offer Its 50/50 Program, an international finance company, is looking for U.S. lenders to join it in offering a 50/50 homeownership model designed to combat the affordability crisis.

Anyone, an Amsterdam-based finance company that hasn’t officially launched yet, is teasing the program as part of its goal to promote “housing for reasonable pricing and, above all, homeownership” despite the affordability crisis.

The Anyone Mortgage lets potential buyers purchase a home with Anyone, giving Anyone up to 49% holding in the home’s equity and the buyer at least 51%. This is necessary to reduce the debt burden on the homeowner and gives both lender and buyer a shared interest. Rather than make money on interest, Anyone profits when the house’s price appreciates.

“The current trajectory of the housing market is unsustainable. Stagnant wages and spiraling house prices have led to a precipitous decline in homeownership rates amongst new buyers,” says Reza Sardeha, a spokesperson for the company, said. 

“We are stepping into uncharted territory with the Anyone Mortgage, offering an unprecedented solution that doesn’t just address the symptoms but confronts the root cause of the crisis.”

Anyone’s company manifesto proclaims that homeownership is a human right and that all real estate players have a duty to fight the current housing crisis. The Anyone mortgage is part of that battle and is geared especially towards low-income and first-time homebuyers.

The company’s model is detailed in a whitepaper released alongside the announcement. Anyone will launch at the end of the year, having already completed some transactions in the Netherlands.

But Anyone wants to collaborate with mortgage providers across the West, including the U.S., to implement the model internationally by 2024.

“We call upon mortgage providers to consider the Anyone Mortgage model as a means to create a more inclusive and sustainable future for homeownership,” Sardeha said. 

“We dream of a future where our new generation feels participation in the economy is rewarded so they and their children can enjoy a bright future. Together, we can make homeownership a basic human right again.”