VP Of National Sales: “I Love Demanding Clients”


The new vice president of national sales at SingleSource Property Solutions says demanding clients are the ones who are communicating their needs and that leads to better business relationships.

Jodi Bell has worked in the mortgage industry for 25 years. In September, SingleSource leaders announced that she had joined the team.

SingleSource is a provider of property services supporting the U.S. housing industry. They have a broad cross-section of clients in the financial services industry including servicers, originators, banks, credit unions, investment banks, and hedge funds.

“In addition to her excellent business development experience, Jodi is well connected and brings a wealth of product development experience and positive energy to our organization,” SingleSource CEO Brian Cullen said in a statement. “We’re excited to have her on board and look forward to benefitting from her powerful ability to collaborate with other people and companies for the good of our clients.”

Bell recently sat down for an interview with The Mortgage Note.

Stacey Bayley, Senior Vice President of Business Development at SingleSource, joined the conversation, and the topic of demanding clients came up.

“The demanding ones are communicating. They’re letting us know what their needs are,” Bell said. “I love demanding clients, those have been some of my best clients in the past.”

Bell said it is all about building the best partnerships she can with clients. She wants clients who reach out to her and her team.

“Some clients I encounter work in silos, and we’ve got multiple lines of offerings. If we speak together we can reduce costs and time for that client,” Bell said.

Bayley said her demanding clients were the first ones who followed her to SingleSource.

“Demanding clients make you better. The first thing I would tell somebody is to embrace that because if you’re listening to them when they’re demanding and you’re creating processes that meet their needs, then those processes are going to meet the needs of your other clients,” Bayley said.

Founded in 2000, SingleSource is based in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, and offers nationwide solutions in valuations, title & settlement, property preservation, REO asset management, and document management.

The company has completed more than 5 million home valuations, facilitated over $4 billion in REO sales, and currently supports 40,000 closings a year and 250,000 field services units a year, according to a press release.

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