Partnering With Altisource has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Altisource, with the goal of creating an online marketplace for SFR and BFR properties.

The collaboration is intended to give, a real estate investment platform specializing in single-family residential (SFR) and Build-For-Rent (BFR) investment portfolios, a “one-stop” platform for investors to buy and sell homes. Altisource, a data and residential real estate services provider, will supply information and services to the platform.

“’s collaboration with Altisource will provide SFR/BFR investors with the first-to-market, ‘one-stop’ solution to expertly buy and sell homes in one of CRE’s most fast-paced and hottest asset investment segments,” said Jeff Cline, executive director and principal of 

“We believe this multi-platform collaboration is truly one of the largest disruptions in the CRE industry. Our goal is to offer SFR investors, whether buying or selling one or many homes in a larger bulk portfolio, a solution to expedite and simplify the investment process with technology and support so they can achieve their investment and management goals and compete with larger-scale investors.”

Altisource’s contributions to the marketplace will include rental data from RentRange, asset valuation data from Springhouse, auction services from Hubzu, closing and title services from PremiumTitle, and inspection and construction services from one of Altisource’s businesses. 

“At Altisource, we continue our commitment to support the SFR investment community with data, technology and solutions that enable both investors and institutional buyers to make better decisions when researching, buying and selling SFR homes,” said Michael Jansta, chief marketing officer of Altisource.

“The collective expertise and proprietary data being integrated onto the platform will be unparalleled and will help SFR investors acquire and liquidate portfolios and improve their operational efficiencies.”

Investment in rental properties has increased as rent and home prices have skyrocketed. Investors bought 90,000 homes in Q3, and Starwood Capital recently announced the purchase of 2,300 suburban homes.

“Increasing home prices fueled by an intense housing shortage have created opportunities for investors to reap big profits,” said Redfin Senior Economist Sheharyar Bokhari.

Bokhari said those same factors have pushed more Americans to rent, which also creates opportunities for investors because investors typically turn the homes they purchase into rentals and can now charge higher rents.