Report: Anthony Casa Leaves AIME

Three months after igniting a scandal by sending lewd and misogynistic messages about a rival, Anthony Casa is officially stepping down from his role at the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts, HousingWire reported Thursday.

Casa took a leave of absence from AIME after he falsely accused the wife of a Quicken executive of having sexual relations with United Wholesale Mortgage CEO Mat Ishbia. He is starting his own brokerage in Philadelphia, according to a statement he provided to HousingWire, which makes no mention of the scandal that drove him out of AIME.

“After much consideration and heart-to-heart conversations with family and friends, I have decided to officially hand the reigns over to the extremely capable hands of Katie Sweeney and Marc Summers, they have done an amazing job stepping up to lead this community and I have extreme confidence in their ability to take it to the next level,” Casa said. “This does not mean I will be leaving this community. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, I am getting back in the weeds of serving and educating borrowers and starting a new mortgage brokerage here in Philadelphia.”

Casa told HousingWire he isn’t done with AIME, however.

“I will be an active member of AIME, I will be a participant and resource to this community in any way I can,” Casa said. “I encourage everyone to double down on your support of AIME, our true partner lenders, and this community we’ve all built together.”

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Casa came under fire in early July after The Mortgage Note and shared videos he sent to Quicken executive Austin Niemiec falsely alleging his wife Theresa performed oral sex on Ishbia in college – though she was 11 years old when Ishbia was a senior at Michigan State. Casa later followed up those videos with more inappropriate texts to Niemiec before Mrs. Niemiec filed a defamation lawsuit against him.

AIME quickly lost two of its three platinum sponsors for 2020, as well a silver and bronze level sponsor. Other sponsors condemned his remarks, with UWM saying “Anthony Casa is separate from AIME” – even though Casa is the founder and chairman of the organization.