ReadyPrice Launches Universal Delivery Portal

Mortgage tech company ReadyPrice launched an independent universal delivery portal, the company announced in a press release.

Independent mortgage brokers can source loans from multiple lenders, lock them in, and deliver them to borrowers on a single platform.

“Independent mortgage brokers are the core of our industry, and they’re needed now more than ever. They help thousands of borrowers navigate an increasingly complex economic environment,” said ReadyPrice Founder and CEO, Rick Soukoulis.

“Our universal delivery portal gives brokers what they need most—more time to focus on their borrowers, and more confidence that they’re delivering the best deals possible.”

The platform is powered by DataX, a proprietary data exchange system linked to the industry’s largest LOS. It can deliver loans for approval through automated underwriting, after which the loan is transferred into the lender’s pipe for the transaction to be completed.

“With ReadyPrice, independent brokers get to keep their independence with the ability to shop, lock, and deliver in one place. Lenders get access to a growing community of brokers. And borrowers get the best possible service and the best possible mortgages,” Soukoulis said.

“This new industry utility delivers a win-win for everyone.”

ReadyPrice is a mortgage technology company staffed by industry veterans. Since 2020, its innovative mortgage technology has been seamlessly connecting MLOs and lenders to facilitate more efficient loan origination. ReadyPrice technologies support FNMA, FRE, FHA, VA, USDA, VA, and non-agency loan originations. In early 2021 it was bought by SitusAMC.