NewDay USA Achieves Premier International Standard For Data Security

NewDay USA announced it is protecting veterans from data breaches by investing in the highest level of information security.

The nation’s leading VA mortgage company has achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification after a partnership with ACTIVECYBER LLC. The certification was issued by Schellman Compliance LLC, an ANAB and UKAS-accredited certification body.

ISO 27001 is a systemic and risk-based approach to information security and the leading international standard.

“Preparing for ISO 27001 Certification was a multi-year effort that required significant dedicated resources from NewDay USA throughout a rigorous readiness process,” said Eugene Mizin, Chief Operating Officer, NewDay USA. 

“Our customers and employees can be confident that NewDay USA is doing everything possible to protect their data.”

High-profile data breaches have plagued the financial services industry in recent years. As veterans often have sensitive data in their credit reports, such as military service data and discharge status, it’s more important than ever to keep their information safe.

The ISO 27001 standard covers a wide range of security controls, including physical security, access control, data encryption, and incident response, ensuring that NewDay USA is prepared for all possibilities.

“NewDay USA’s ISO Certification is a testament to the organization’s ongoing commitment to protecting the data of their customers and veterans. The certification demonstrates alignment with security best practices and international security standards,” said Dale A. Raymond, CEO of ACTIVECYBER.

Experts suggest Americans monitor their credit reports, regularly change their passwords, and enable two-factor authentication on their accounts to avoid having their data stolen.