Nearly 1 In 5 Americans Have Moved Due To An Obnoxious Neighbor

Dealing with neighbors is a natural part of American life, but tensions between households do have an impact on where people live.

Of 2,000 Americans with neighbors surveyed by LendingTree, 24% say they dislike at least one of their neighbors.

Nearly half report disliking a neighbor because they’re rude or unfriendly, followed by noisy (31%) and nosy (29%).

Shockingly, nearly 20% of Americans – 1 in 5 – have moved because of an obnoxious neighbor. The youngest generations, Gen Z and Millennials, are the most willing to move rather than put up with neighbor trouble (28% and 16%, respectively.) Only 16% of Gen Xers and 8% of Baby Boomers say they’ve left their homes because of interpersonal disputes.

Young Americans are also the surliest of the bunch. Zoomers, aged 18 to 26, are the most likely to dislike most or all of their neighbors.

But the inverse is also true. Gen Z and Millennials say they are more likely to rent or buy specifically because of good neighbors, while only 9% of Xers and 7% of Boomers would base their decision on the folks around them.

Bad neighbor behavior can negatively impact home values, sometimes by more than 5% to 10%, according to the Appraisal Institute.

Appraisers call this “external obsolescence,” or depreciation caused by external factors occurring off-property.

When neighbors are causing a stir the best course of action is talking first, according to industry professionals. Moving to avoid problems is a financial drain and won’t help future residents.

“It’s a tricky conversation to have, but things can go smoothly if it’s handled diplomatically,” Deborah Cooper,  an associate broker with Coldwell Banker Frewen, told the Lansing State Journal.

In a worst-case scenario, reporting unseemly behavior to the authorities can help homeowners keep their houses while protecting their property values.

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