Mortgage Machine Launches All-In-One LOS

Digital origination tech company Mortgage Machine Services launched an all-in-one loan origination system.

Mortgage Machine, named to mirror the company and developed by industry pro Jeff Bode, is designed to improve lenders’ operation times and support an end-to-end digital origination process, according to company leaders.

The system consolidates disjointed operations through workflow automation and compliance assurance. It features AI-powered task automation, a scalable cloud-based infrastructure, and flexible API capabilities, as well as pre-configured workflows tailored for retail and wholesale loan processes.

It also provides end-to-end support throughout the lending, underwriting, documentation, and closing of a residential mortgage loan.

“The LOS is the operational linchpin for every mortgage business, but most LOS platforms on the market today were not designed to support a fully digital origination process,” Bode said. 

“As a result, lenders often have to retrofit their existing LOS or work around its limitations to achieve their digital goals. Mortgage Machine was intentionally designed with a digital process in mind, giving lenders the ability to ‘plug n’ play’ and move faster than ever, and has been battle-tested inside a digital-first mortgage lender to ensure it can provide the necessary lift lenders need to make the move to eMortgages.”

Mortgage Machine incorporates SMART Doc data and security standards from MISMO, which Bode emphasized as one of the most important components to executing digital mortgages at scale. 

“Utilizing this standard in Mortgage Machine not only provides lenders with a significant operational assist in getting started with digital mortgages, but it also ensures the security and integrity of the documents and data being processed by the system, thus adding an extra layer of confidence in moving to an entirely automated, electronic origination process.”

Mortgage Machine Services is a digital solutions company innovating in financial markets since 2007.

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