Morning Roundup (8/7/2023) — Who’s In The Game?

Good Morning! Today is Monday, August 7. Two helicopters collided while responding to a fire in Southern California, killing three. Flooding destroyed two structures in Juneau, Alaska, and prompted local evacuations. Donald Trump’s attorney raised eyebrows by claiming that violating the Constitution is not the same as committing a crime.

The Mortgage Note Reports

Who’s In The Game?: Writer Chuck Green takes a look at who is working as a mortgage professional in today’s tough market.

More Pessimistic: As inflation slowly cools, consumers are feeling a lot more secure in their personal finances, but they’re still in the dumps about buying a home.

Record-Breaking Gains: Black Knight’s Home Price Index hit an all-time high in June, proving that stock shortages have forced prices back up.

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In other mortgage and housing news…

Labor Data’s Impact: Mortgage rates began softening after the latest jobs data suggested that the economy isn’t going into recession.

Small Size: If renters bought a home and paid a mortgage equal to their current rent in many large cities, they could only afford less than 1,000 square feet.

Land For Sale: HUD and the Department of the Interior are making some public lands available for $100 an acre for affordable housing projects in Southern Nevada.

Feeling Rate Envy: With interest rates climbing, a new form of one-upmanship is making the rounds: the mortgage-rate humble brag.

Values Off The Deep End: The pool premium has grown since the beginning of the pandemic, with homeowners in certain warm-weather metros seeing huge value boosts.