Morning Roundup (7/31/2023) — Rocket Exec Change Up

Good Morning! Today is Monday, July 31. Donald Trump’s defamation lawsuit against CNN over “The Big Lie” has been dismissed. Singer Madonna says she feels lucky to be alive one month after a health scare that led to hospitalization. There will be two supermoons this month.

The Mortgage Note Reports

Rocket C-Suite: Varun Krishna has been named CEO of Rocket Companies.

“Tipping Point”: Homeowners who have a mortgage rate above 5% are nearly twice as likely to sell their homes than those paying a rate below 5%.

Retail Therapy: Writer Nicole Murray reports that some shopping malls are finding success because they attract people to the location for an experience.

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In other mortgage and housing news…

Getting Less For More: Average U.S. home sizes have shrunk slightly since 2012, but the price per square foot has nearly doubled.

Crucial Data: Redfin is now publishing wind risk data for nearly every for-sale U.S. property listed on its site to better inform buyers of potential climate change risks.

Reality Sets In: “People forget that the vast majority of sellers are also trying to buy at the same time,”’s Danielle Hale said, discussing rate lock-in with Bloomberg.

Financial Freedom: A survey found that 86% of consumers live with one or more people, but only reap the financial benefits if they live with their partner or spouse.

Vacation Blow-Up: Portugal now exemplifies the problems of remote worker rental properties, as digital nomads and Airbnbs created steep housing costs for locals.