Morning Roundup (4/17/2023) — Putting Pets First

Good Morning! Today is Monday, April 17. Three attackers in India killed a former politician and criminal in front of police officers on live TV. SpaceX is expected to launch its rocket Starship today. A shooting at a 16th birthday party in Alabama left four people dead and 28 others wounded.

The Mortgage Note Reports

Putting Pets First: Zoomers are focusing more on their pets’ comfort than their romantic partners or future families when choosing a home.

Renovation Mindset: Inflation is forcing homeowners to put renovations on the back burner, but most would still rather renovate than move.

Market Insights: Cory Ure at SecurityNational Mortgage Company in Salt Lake City sat down with Editor Kimberley Haas to talk about lending opportunities in his area.

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In other mortgage and housing news…

Builder Confidence: Builders remained cautiously optimistic in April as limited resale inventory helped to increase demand in the new home market.

Skewed Understanding: Potential homebuyers believe that “historically normal rates” are near 5%, and many say they will not accept a 30-year fixed mortgage rate over 5.5%.

Court Deals A Blow: The Supreme Court ruled it acceptable to sue the FTC and SEC in federal court over certain issues, such as the use of in-house judges to handle cases.

Another Single-Day Turnaround: Proper Rate, a joint venture by Guaranteed Rate and @properties, launched Same Day Mortgage.

Waiting It Out: More than half of seller-buyers who are planning to sell in the next 12 months said they are delaying until rates come down.

The 1% Question: Skeptics of UWM’s 1% down payment loan say it isn’t that great, with restrictions that severely limit the number of qualified borrowers.

Trump Properties Weak: Trump’s real estate brand hasn’t benefited from the housing boom, seeing price appreciation lower than both the luxury and overall housing markets.