Morning Roundup (4/10/2023) — Lock Volumes Up

Good Morning! Today is Monday, April 10. Highly classified Pentagon documents leaked online in recent weeks show how the US spies on both allies and foes. An imam was stabbed during early morning prayers at a mosque in Paterson, N.J. Jon Rahm, 28, won the Masters, the second major win of his career.

The Mortgage Note Reports

March Gains: Lock volumes increased across the board last month, with purchase locks seeing the greatest month-over-month increase of the past five years.

Vacation Home Demand: House hunters are poised to face less competition this spring buying season as second home demand dwindles.

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In other mortgage and housing news…

Homepoint Axing Wholesale: Homepoint is selling its wholesale business to Arizona-based The Loan Store “in light of current market conditions.”

Downturn Ending?: Has the housing market been showing signs of stabilization?

“Headaches About Calamity”: A commercial real estate crash could be coming in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank’s failure– or it may never happen.

Bank Credit Freeze: A credit crunch may already be taking shape, with bank credit stalled at around $17.5T since January.

“The Year Of Disappointment”: Both buyers and sellers who are hoping that 2023 will swing their way are stepping into a pretty miserable market.

“Hidden Gems”: LendingTree ranked medium-sized cities that are more affordable for homebuyers than major metros like NYC and Chicago.