Morning Roundup (3/5/2024) — Nonstop Hustle

Good Morning! Today is Tuesday, March 5. It’s Super Tuesday, and voters are turning out to cast their ballots in the presidential primary. The Supreme Court ruled that states lack the authority to reject presidential candidates on the grounds they engaged in insurrection against the U.S. Airlines JetBlue and Spirit called off their merger after regulators blocked it in court.

The Mortgage Note Reports

Nonstop Hustle: The CEO of Rapid Home Loans says to succeed in the current landscape, mortgage professionals need to know how to make the most of every opportunity.

Affordable Listings: The share of available homes in the $200,000 to $350,000 price range saw the biggest growth of any price category in February, up 20.6% YOY.

Worst Discrimination: While the racial homeownership gap exists in every generation, Black Millennials have it worse than any other age group.

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In other mortgage and housing news…


Price Change: Nationwide, YOY single-family home price growth was 5.8% in January, the highest rate of appreciation expected this year, CoreLogic says.

Breach Fallout: Three mortgage servicers want to halt a plaintiff’s filing in a data breach lawsuit, citing confidential information shared about the incident.

Buffett Under Fire: Three home sellers who filed an antitrust lawsuit in October amended their complaint to add Warren Buffett’s brokerage to its string of defendants.

Company News: Mortgage tech firm Guideline Buddy now has its own AI chatbot; LenderLogix integrated AccountChek by Informative Research into its POS.

Tough Pill To Swallow: Miami-Dade County is hoping a new property tax-backed debt package will produce $2.5 billion in funding for affordable housing.

“Normality Becomes Extraordinary”: Japanese housing pioneer Riken Yamamoto received the Pritzker Prize, often called the “Nobel of Architecture.”