Morning Roundup (11/16/2023) — Customer Satisfaction Up

Good Morning! Today is Thursday, November 16. Rescue workers renewed efforts to reach 40 men trapped inside a tunnel in India. Xi Jinping said China might send pandas to U.S. zoos. Thousands of Starbucks workers plan to walk out today over contract negotiations.


The Mortgage Note Reports

Customer Satisfaction: Mortgage lenders who pivoted to borrower-centric approaches in the last year saw customer satisfaction soar despite high rates.

Lock It, List It: Guaranteed Rate launched a new program letting sellers pay a fee and lock in a discounted rate to advertise to buyers.

New Name: SimpleNexus has officially rebranded as nCino’s Mortgage Suite and company leaders say customers can benefit from a more diverse and financially stable company.

In other mortgage and housing news…

Side Hustle: Young homebuyers are leading a popularity surge in “house hacking,” renting out part or all of a home for extra cash.

“Unprecedented”: As many as 1.4 million Americans could become delinquent on at least one credit product in the next year because of student loan payments.

Wholesale Exit: Citizens Bank is closing its wholesale mortgage lending channel due to persistent market challenges.

Another Suit: Hometown Lenders finds itself at the center of another legal battle, with Flagstar Bank alleging it defaulted on its loans and owes $21 million.

Company News: Mark Willis is once again CEO at Keller Williams; Valley National Bank launched a new HELOC program for LMI borrowers.

Firey Holiday: Thanksgiving is the most fire-prone day of the year and the peak day for home-cooking fires. Here’s what to do if it happens to you.