Lendesk Launches Lender Spotlight AI Assistant

Leaders at Lendesk Technologies have announced a new product for Canadian brokers which finds mortgage options from lenders that fit the specific needs of clients.

The Lender Spotlight AI Assistant can sift through a database containing thousands of mortgage policies from lenders across Canada. According to a press release, the new technology will enable brokers to focus on building relationships with clients while offering them expert guidance.

“Lender Spotlight AI Assistant is set to propel the mortgage industry into the age of artificial intelligence, with an initial focus on simplifying the complexities of mortgage policies. The tool offers unmatched insights, enabling mortgage brokers to swiftly identify policies ideally suited to their clients’ specific needs. Instead of spending hours sifting through thousands of options or contacting lenders for information, brokers can receive immediate, accurate responses within seconds,” said Carter Zimmerman, president of Lendesk.

Lendesk is part of Rocket Companies. Hash Aboulhosn, president of Rocket Mortgage Canada, said they are one of the first companies to test the technology and they have been pleased with the results.

“Our top priority is providing excellent client service – this tool helps lessen time spent searching through lender products, empowering our agents to streamline their workflow and assist clients more knowledgably and quickly,” Aboulhosn said.

Founded in 2020, Rocket Mortgage Canada aims to transform and modernize the mortgage experience in Canada by providing a streamlined process for individuals looking to purchase a home or refinance their mortgage.

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