“It’s Always A Hustle” Says Rapid Home Loans CEO


The CEO of Rapid Home Loans says to succeed in the current landscape, mortgage professionals need to know how to make the most of every opportunity.

Abe Miri cofounded the company, located in Dearborn, Michigan, with Alex Abazid in March of 2022. Licensed in 24 states, they use a call center style to conduct business.

For Miri, who says he has always worked in an outbound environment, that’s his bread and butter.

“If somebody gives me a lead, I’ll work it to the bone. And that’s kind of the mindset you have to have,” Miri said. “It’s always a hustle. That’s what I always say, it’s a nonstop hustle.”

That drive has helped push Rapid Home Loans and its 20 employees to where it is today. The company was listed as a 2023 top performing partner for wholesale lending by Rocket Pro TPO.

“It was honestly a very cool thing to get and to be recognized for. Especially if you ask a lot of loan officers, 2023 was a very tough year and was our first full year in business. We started officially in mid-2022, so for us, to be recognized, and survive, is a blessing,” Miri said during a recent interview with The Mortgage Note.

Miri said the trick to cold calling is authenticity.

“With cold calling, you’re coming in out of nowhere. People aren’t expecting your phone call and you have to gain trust immediately,” Miri said.

Since many lenders have similar pitches, what differentiates one person from another is how they approach these calls.

“You have to be genuinely curious and genuinely trying to help people,” Miri said.

Technology has also been a key player in the company’s success. Miri said by leveraging the Rocket brand, they have access to tools like Pathfinder, an AI and machine learning-powered search engine that answers complicated qualification or loan processing questions.

“Their technology is so good,” Miri said. “I have worked with many lenders, and in my opinion, I may be a little biased, no one comes close to Rocket’s technology. For both us and the consumer.”

Miri said they aim to make it to the top of Rocket’s top performing partner list, and January of this year was better than January of 2023.

“Honestly, the goal is just to get bigger and better every single month. Luckily and thankfully, we’re at that pace right now. Hopefully, the market is just good to us as well,” Miri said.

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