Ian Ouwerkerk Officially Named Freddie Mac Underwriting SVP

Ian Ouwerkerk has been named Freddie Mac Multifamily’s SVP of Underwriting and Credit, the GSE announced in a press release. He has served as interim SVP since Q1 2022.

Ouwerkerk joined Freddie Mac in 2008. He previously served as VP of Multifamily underwriting and senior director of underwriting for the Southeastern region. 

As VP of Underwriting and Credit, he focuses on ensuring the quality of Multifamily loans. He also oversees large regional pool transactions and balances credit risk management and solutions for sponsors and lenders.

Prior to joining the GSE, Ouwerkerk worked as a commercial real estate broker.

He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Acadia University.

“Ian is a strong leader with a proven track record implementing strategic, forward-thinking solutions partnering with our Optigo lenders, and driving business results,” said Kevin Palmer, head of Multifamily at Freddie Mac.

“He has been a vital part of our success this year while serving as the interim senior vice president of Underwriting & Credit and I look forward to seeing how he continues to develop and strengthen the team.”