Ardley Rolls Out Automatic Underwriting Engine

Mortgage tech company Ardley rolled out an automatic underwriting engine that creates instant conditional loan approvals for qualified buyers.

The program, Autopilot, generates personalized loan offers through the Ardley platform instantaneously, giving lenders and servicers flexibility in the current volatile rate environment.

“Autopilot reflects our ongoing commitment to reducing the cost and complexity of originating mortgages while helping lenders and servicers unlock hidden deal opportunities,” Nate Den Herder, Ardley Founder and CEO, said in a press release.

“By leveraging a client’s pricing, fees, and credit policies, along with any resell guidelines, Autopilot delivers confidence that every offer presented to a customer with conditional approval is real. And by generating loan approvals instantly—not minutes, hours, or days later—our clients can be assured they are first in line when a customer needs financing.”

Loans are personalized through an analysis of the borrower’s loan-level information, live rate sheets, and property listing data.

Companies can match Autopilot to their own look, keeping borrowers connected to their brand and providing a continuous feel.

It is available as part of Ardley’s Actionable Data Intelligence platform, a deal flow engine that was used to structure 6 million loan offers in 2023, amounting to $1 billion in origination volume.

“When it comes to building loyal customers, personalized communication is everything. But it’s not just about slapping a first name at the top of an email,” Den Herder recently told MBA NewsLink.

“It’s about really digging into your data, understanding each borrower’s current situation, and presenting real, hyper-personalized loan offers that make sense for them.”