AIME CEO Katie Sweeney Stepping Down To Helm BAC

Katie Sweeney is stepping down as Chairman and CEO of the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts to helm the organization’s advocacy arm.

Sweeney is the co-founder and CEO of the Broker Action Coalition, AIME’s legislative advocacy group. She helped establish it in 2022 and told HousingWire it has “taken off like crazy,” requiring more time in Washington than she can devote while heading up another organization.

Because BAC had no separate leadership group, she and former AIME President of Advocacy Brendan McKay oversaw it while juggling multiple positions.

“I’ve spent the last 3.5 years building AIME into not only a major player in the mortgage industry but a well-represented community of professionals who now have a long-overdue voice,” Sweeney wrote in a LinkedIn post.

“Beginning April 1, I’ll be able to give BAC’s ongoing political activities the undivided attention they need to keep our momentum going. AIME and BAC will continue to work side by side, and BAC will continue to represent AIME’s advocacy initiatives on Capitol Hill.”

Sweeney will officially give up her post on March 31, 2024. A selection committee has been created to appoint a new CEO. McKay will move up to the position of Chief Advocacy Officer.

BAC will move forward under Sweeney to raise and manage funds for BAC’s political action committee. It collects funds to support public policies that positively impact brokers.

They will continue advocating for the disabled veteran tax exemption bill, which was the coalition’s primary focus at the state level in 2023. California, Virginia, and Utah have already passed the bill, among others.

At the federal level, BAC will focus on trigger lead reform and the TPO surcharge required by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which AIME has long opposed.

In a recent open letter, McKay said AIME leadership met with the FHFA to discuss both topics and feel better prepared to tackle them in the new year.

“There’s a lot of work to be done, and we’re ready to do it,” McKay wrote.

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