‘Rocket Homes’ Looks to Offer ‘Seamless’ Buying-Selling Experience Online

Rocket Companies, the corporation most known for its highly popular mortgage division, is launching a new initiative it claims will offer a practical integration of both the home-selling and home-buying processes.

Rocket Homes will offer “a comprehensive suite of services” including “credit reporting, home search,” a suite of “on-staff real estate agents,” a “nationwide network of trusted real estate professionals,” and other features, the company said in a press release.

The initiative will “ensure every owner is given the opportunity to receive a guaranteed offer on their house,” the release claimed.

“Consumers who need to sell their house before buying another often lose out on their new dream home due to the need to make a contingency offer – meaning their deal hinges on closing the sale on their existing property,” the company said. “With the forthcoming program from Rocket Homes, these consumers will now have a guaranteed offer on their current house and can eliminate the need for contingency altogether.”

Rocket Homes will also assist sellers with finding a home once they’ve sold their current house with the service.