Report: Home Prices Increase In January

House prices in the United States rose 5.2 percent in January over a year earlier, continuing a string of strong housing economic reports from early this year. The Federal Housing Finance Agency’s House Price Index also showed house prices increased 0.3 percent over the previous month.

“U.S. house prices continued to increase at a moderate pace in January,” said Dr. Lynn Fisher, Deputy Director of the Division of Research and Statistics at FHFA. “Transactions in January were unlikely to reflect much, if any, influence from the COVID-19 outbreak. House prices in the Pacific and South Atlantic regions grew somewhat faster over the year ending in January 2020 than observed the same time a year ago.”

As for regionally, seasonally adjusted price changes from January 2019 to January 2020 included:

  • South Atlantic: 6.4 percent
  • Mountain: 6.1 percent
  • East South Central: 5.5 percent
  • Pacific: 5.2 percent
  • East North Central: 4.8 percent
  • New England: 4.6 percent
  • West North Central: 4.6 percent
  • West South Central: 4.4 percent
  • Middle Atlantic: 4.1 percent

View the full report here.