Real Estate Company Aims to Make Homeownership ‘Fast, Transparent, and Low-Cost’

A new homeownership company is seeking to streamline the homebuying market to make the process less opaque and more accessible to buyers who feel intimidated by it.

Better, based out of New York and recently expanded into Virginia, is “re-engineering the mortgage process” by helping homebuyers navigate shopping, and paying, for a home.

The company touts itself as “redefining the homeownership process from the ground up” by using “technology to make it faster and more efficient, and humans to help make it friendly and enjoyable.”

“We believe homeownership should be fast, transparent, and low-cost. For everyone,” the company states on its website.

The company’s roots go back to 2014; originally serving the New York market, it now operates in Virginia, as well.

Homebuying “seems daunting, but anyone can do it if you have the right support,” a company spokeswoman told media this week.