New Jersey Realtors Can Conduct Limited Business

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy updated what businesses are allowed to operate in the state, with realtors making the cut on a limited basis.

“Realtors can operate and show houses to prospective buyers on a 1-on-1basis or to immediate families,” Gov. Murphy said in a tweet. There is still a prohibition on open houses.”

New Jersey has the second most confirmed coronavirus cases in the country, after only New York.

States have taken a variety of approaches to whether realtors can operate amid the coronavirus pandemic. Pennsylvania has banned all real estate activities, and the state police even issued a warning to a Wexford office whose realtors were on the wrong side of the restriction.

California and Washington state also shut down real estate activities, while Wisconsin and others have allowed them to go forward, with restrictions. Redfin developed an interactive map that shows what the rules of the home are in each state.

Meanwhile, Gov. Murphy addressed an important issue for New Jersey residents.