NAMB And Announce Online Marketplace

The National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) and global technology provider are partnering up to build an online marketplace for borrowers to choose their own mortgage loan originators.

The SRE marketplace will allow borrowers to browse the profiles of mortgage loan originators across the US based on search terms for property type and expertise, as well as read reviews posted by other users.

Site reliability engineering (SRE) replaces operations teams who manually update websites with software that can automate tasks and manage systems, resulting in an easily scalable and reliable product.

“This new online destination will be the industry’s first true borrower-facing portal, where consumers can choose the professionals they want to serve them based on the actual experience of their peers,” NAMB President Kimber White said.

“At the same time, NAMB members can collect consumer ratings and reviews and add the human component in human-assisted eCommerce. It is like Amazon meets the real estate transaction!” President John G. Stevens, a former NAMB president, said he hopes the marketplace will take the pressure off loan originators to find leads, while helping them make connections with other real estate sales professionals.

“For as long as I’ve been a part of this industry, loan originators have struggled to find good new business leads and to forge strong partnerships with their partners in real estate sales,” Stevens said. “We will change that by putting consumers at the center of the transaction and giving loan originators the opportunity to build out strong referral relationships easily.

NAMB is a national trade association for the mortgage broker industry, representing loan originators, brokers, and lender businesses across the country.