NAF Cash Launches Cash Purchase Tracking Tool

NAF Cash, an affiliate of New American Funding (NAF), launched a new tool for homebuyers that tracks cash purchases across the country.

The tool, NAF Cash Maps, provides information on cash transactions state-by-state. It provides county-level data, as well as insights into historical trends.

Data is collected from real estate data provider MMI, MLS data, and public records.

Buyers can gain a greater understanding of cash purchases in their state, giving them a better idea of how to compete in their individual market.

“By understanding the cash buying trends in different states, homebuyers can make more strategic decisions and position themselves for success in their homebuying journey,” said Miguel Villegas, Director, NAF Cash.

NAF Cash gives buyers a cash-purchase advantage in today’s difficult housing market. The company recently helped its 1,000th client compete against both traditional homebuyers and investors.

The NAF Cash map tool shows that Mississippi, Louisiana, Michigan, Georgia, New York, and Alabama rank high in terms of cash transactions as a percentage of total transactions. More than half of homes bought in Mississippi in Q1 2024 were all-cash purchases.

Cash purchases are popular in these states because lower home prices attract investors and home flippers, while older homebuyers flock to retirement-ready communities.

“Becoming a cash buyer can be the ultimate tool to help them compete and win,” the company said.

NAF Cash, a NAF affiliate, buys clients’ homes with cash and sells it back to them. It rebranded last year as cash purchase programs gained traction and its parent company completed its own rebrand.

New American Funding is a California-based independent mortgage lender with more than 165 locations nationwide.