Muetzel Named President Of Blue Ridge Bank’s Fintech Division

Leaders at Blue Ridge Bank have announced that Kirsten Muetzel is their new president of the Fintech Division of the company.

Muetzel brings over a decade of experience working with the Federal Reserve system, including supervising banks involved in BaaS and related partnerships. Additional experience includes being a Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Officer for fintech companies.

Muetzel will be responsible for overseeing the Fintech Division, managing a portfolio of partners, strengthening regulatory compliance, and working to advance Blue Ridge’s fintech strategy.

Muetzel said in a statement that there continue to be significant opportunities for banks to develop relationships with fintech firms and create new revenue streams while in turn enhancing products and services to existing customers.

“Community banks are uniquely positioned to make a positive impact in their local markets while also reaching new markets through these partnership activities. Many of these fintech arrangements are focused on improving access to financial services, which can make a real difference in someone’s day-to-day life, and thereby inspires me,” Muetzel said.

Blue Ridge Bank was named one of America’s Best Small Banks by Newsweek, according to a press release.

Brian Plum, chief executive officer of Blue Ridge Bank, said Muetzel is a respected thought leader in the industry. 

“Her knowledge base has been cultivated as a banking regulator working with banks in the fintech space, to being an executive at a fintech, to consulting for banks increasing their efforts in the space.  Kirsten will be instrumental as we continue building the necessary infrastructure to support current partnerships while preparing the foundation upon which to build future success,” Plum said in a statement.

Blue Ridge Bank’s services include retail and commercial banking, payroll, insurance, card payments, wholesale and retail mortgage lending, and government-guaranteed lending.

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