Pet Owners Would Pass On Their Dream Home If It Wasn’t Animal-Friendly

Most pet owners are willing to forgo their dream home if it doesn’t suit their furry friends, according to a new survey from Realtor and HarrisX.

Of more than 3,000 American adults surveyed, 82% who owned pets and planned to buy a home in the next year reported that their pets’ needs are just as important as their own or their family’s needs.

About three-quarters of homeowners own a pet, and 79% say they consider their animals when choosing a home or apartment.

More than 60% of prospective buyers say they have passed on an otherwise perfect home because it didn’t accommodate their pets.

Neighborhoods matter, too, as 87% of those with pets looking to buy a house within the next year said they are factoring their pet in when choosing which neighborhood to live in.

Pet-friendliness is more important to home shoppers than an extra bedroom, a shorter commute, or a home office, according to the survey.

“People love their pets. And they’re prioritizing the needs of these furry members of their families when choosing a home to rent or buy,” said Clare Trapasso, executive editor at “Having an animal-accessible home is more important to many pet owners than extra square footage or a shorter commute to work.”

Pet-friendly properties are in high demand after adoptions soared thanks to Covid. Nearly one in five households adopted a pet during the pandemic.

Seventy percent of Americans now own a pet, an all-time high.

The housing crisis is taking its toll on pet owners.

Competition for apartments is high, and some renters have struggled to find pet-friendly units they can afford.

Of all its animal surrenders, Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson said housing-related surrenders accounted for only 6% just last year. Now, it’s up to 18%.

Home sellers may be able to fetch a higher price as appreciation plummets by advertising fenced-in yards, laminate floors, and pet washing areas, among other features.

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