Mortgage Roundup (9/21/20) – Payments, Gaps & Rates

Good morning! Today is Monday, September 21. President Trump says he will nominate a woman to the Supreme Court this week to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. A new CDC study highlights the threat of coronavirus spread on lengthy flights. Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz got booed despite having no fans in the stadium.

And in mortgage and housing news …

MORTGAGE PAYMENTS: To see where monthly mortgage costs are highest, LendingTree analysts looked at the average mortgage payment offered through 2019 to LendingTree users in each of the nation’s 50 states.

HOMEOWNERSHIP GAP: Tighter lending standards and COVID-19’s impact on Black Americans’ health and employment could make it harder to buy a home or keep the one they have, widening the nation’s racial homeownership gap. 

GSE CONSERVATORSHIP: FHFA director Mark Calabria is using regulatory powers to stabilize GSE earningsahead of its final capital ruling. 

INVESTOR OPPORTUNITY: Cheap mortgages are flooding the bond market, creating higher-paying investments.

FINDING LOW RATES: Finding ultra-low mortgage rates takes more work as lenders add a new refinance fee.

CREDIT VULNERABLE: For millions of American homeowners who have deferred mortgage payments during the crisis, the ability to borrow money again may depend on what type of loan they have.

DIY STIMULUS PACKAGE: Nine ways to give yourself a stimulus payment (if Congress won’t).

JUMBO LOANS: Buyers looking for a home loan have been in luck in recent weeks, as mortgage rates have repeatedly hit record lows. But people who need a jumbo loan may need to shop around more than usual to get the lowest rate.

RECOVERY: Government mortgage bailout numbers are slowly improving, but the real test is ahead.

WALL STREET HOME LOANS: Wall Street’s foray back into lending to homeowners with spotty credit isn’t looking great during the coronavirus pandemic.

HERE TO STAY: The Federal Reserve doesn’t directly set mortgage rates, but its near-zero policy is still good for borrowers.

LIBOR TO SOFOR: A new index for adjustable mortgages and home equity loans may change borrower’s payment amounts.