Mortgage Roundup (7/13/20) – Lewd Lawsuit, Fed & Results

Good morning! Today is Monday, July 13. Florida breaks another record for the most new coronaviruses cases reported in one day. Disney World opens in Orlando with reduced capacity and precautions. The Washington Redskins football team will retire team name today. 

And in mortgage and housing news …

LEWD MESSAGES: The head of the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts sent a mortgage company executive expletive-filled video messages falsely alleging the man’s wife performed sexual acts on a rival industry executive.

SIZE MATTERS: What’s more important when applying for a mortgage: excellent credit or 20 percent down payment? 

REFINANCING: Why home equity matters when you try to refinance your mortgage.

FED & TREASURYDisagreements between leaders at the Federal Reserve and Treasury have slowed the start of their flagship lending initiative for small and midsize businesses.

QUARTERLY RESULTS: As banks report earnings, we can expect more loan pain but plenty of fee income

VIRTUAL REAL ESTATE: Home buying and selling went virtual during the pandemic. Can it stay that way?

LOW RATES: There’s no such thing as “too low” of a mortgage rate, but an extremely low rate could come with fine print.

BULK MARKET: Is mortgage servicing’s bulk market making a comeback? 

PANDEMIC PAYMENT PLANS: Renters and landlords are feeling the effects of COVID-19. Setting up payment plans are now an option with evictions on hold. 

DEFINE SUBURBS: The U.S. hasn’t had a formal definition for what constitutes a suburb. A new data analysis comes closer to defining America’s most popular neighborhood type.

FRESHENING UP LISTINGS: Five things to remember when selling a home for the second time