Mortgage Roundup (5/27/21) – Rentals, VA & Market

Good morning! Today is Thursday, May 27. The U.S. is investigating the source of the Covid-19 virus. Google struck a deal with a national hospital chain to develop algorithms to help improve operating efficiency, monitor patients and guide doctors’ decisions. Tasmanian devils are born in the wild on Australian mainland for the first time in 3,000 years.

And in mortgage and housing news …

COMMISSION DISCLOSURE: Real estate agents hold their breath on the fate of commission disclosure now in the hands of the DOJ.

RENOVATION REALITIES: Five harsh renovations realities you will face this summer.  

NFT REAL ESTATE: People are selling and buying art, furniture and even houses and land that exist only virtually.

RENTALS: A red-hot real estate market is making it hard to find rentals

INVESTORS: Investors buying real estate to beat back inflation, may find that the plan will backfire.  

NEW CONSTRUCTION: The median price of a new construction home was lower than that of an existing homes sold in March.

AFFORDABILITY: While mortgage rates are still extremely low by historical standards, rising rates do have an impact on buyers, particularly first-time buyers and others in high-cost housing markets who face affordability challenges.

ONLINE LENDERS: Some small businesses forced to turn to online lenders for pandemic relief are making those niche players a bigger part of their financial game plan, and are even considering dumping their traditional banks altogether. 

VA LOAN: Veterans Administration lender launches a home construction loan product for military borrowers.

OVERHEATED: Five things to keep in mind when buying and selling in an over-heated housing market