Mortgage Roundup (2/25/21) – Rentals, Worries & Rules

Good morning! Today is Thursday, February 25. The Food and Drug Administration said Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine works safely, paving the way for the approval of a third vaccine in the U.S. as early as this weekend. New York City is set to reopen public middle schools for in-person learning today for the first time since November. A new more infectious Covid variant in California makes up more than half of the infections in 44 counties.

And in mortgage and housing news …

MORTGAGE APPS: The Texas snow storm deflated mortgage application numbers.

LUXURY RENTALS: Landlords continue to see prices rise for luxury single-family rentals as the pandemic-fueled recession impacts socioeconomic groups unevenly. 

MARKET WORRIES: Two big reasons investors are worried about the housing market.

QM RULE: The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has moved to delay full implementation of the Qualified Mortgage rule completed under the Trump administration. 

GREEN BOND MARKET: After issuing $87.5 billion in mortgage-backed securities in the green bond market with its multifamily residential financing products, Fannie Mae has expanded into multifamily social MBS and single-family residential green MBS.

CREDIT REPORTS: Here’s how student loans show up on your credit report and impact your credit score.

REFINANCE SHOPPING: How to choose between the six types of mortgage refinance programs.

STATE COMMISSIONS: A Consumer Federation of America report says state real estate commissions can do more to educate and provide information to consumers. 

GEN-Z RENTERS: The most desirable locations for Gen Z renters – the second-largest and the fastest-growing segment of tenants.

JUMBO LOANS: Jumbo loans are making a comeback with many emerging as conforming loans.  

ORIGINATOR VOLUME: Guaranteed Rate Affinity’s California market leader wants to grow originators’ volume to $300 million.