Mortgage Roundup (2/25/20) – Markets Plunge, Biden Housing Plan & Single Buyers

Coronavirus cases top 80,000, while markets plunge. Moderna’s stocks surge, as the biotech company begins testing the first coronavirus vaccine. United Airlines gives $90,000 in travel vouchers after having to downgrade its best customers. Meanwhile in mortgage news …

Coronavirus fears cause mortgage rates to plunge to 8-year lows. 

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden calls for a national “Homeowner’s Bill of Rights,” as part of a $640 billion housing plan aimed at improving affordability, ending discrimination, protecting consumers and improving energy efficiency

Low mortgage rates are pushing housing market potential to a two-year high. The growth is attributed to Millennials taking advantage of low financing costs and a strong economy.

Competition among potential homebuyers heated up in January and home values are expected to increase, according to a survey of Redfin agents. 

JPMorgan sees a mortgage revival after years of quiet losses. American Banker outlines company leaders’ remarks from an internal townhall. 

Only 53 percent of first-time homebuyers are married, as more Americans opt to get mortgages before marriage licenses. 

A Forbes columnist analyzes a growing approach for homebuyers to bypass a mortgage by shifting home financing from debt to equity. 

FHFA and NCUA leaders discuss the importance of right-sized housing market regulations and praise credit unions for member service.