Mortgage Roundup (12/22/20) – Relief, Relo & Realtors

Good morning! Today is Tuesday, December 22. Americas will get stimulus checks as soon as next week, following an agreement passed by Congress. Travel from the U.K. is shut down as nations assess the threat of a new strain of the coronavirus. Record e-commerce and Covid-19 outbreaks are straining the Postal Service’s ability to deliver Christmas presents on time. 

And in mortgage and housing news …

HOUSING RELIEF: The new $900 billion stimulus package agreed to by Congressional leaders includes additional housing relief, but an advocate is warning that more assistance may be needed after the new year. 

RELOCATIONS: The pandemic – and the adoption of remote work – is driving an increased number of relocations, with the most people leaving the biggest metropolitan areas such as New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

FHFA EXTENSIONS: As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to hammer away in the United States, the Federal Housing Administration announced that it is extending the foreclosure and eviction moratorium for FHA-insured mortgages through February 28.

FED STIMULUS: How the Fed got caught in the middle of contentious stimulus talks.

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE: How businesses can lead a commercial real estate revolution

BUYING FRENZY: With mortgage rates at a record low, the buying frenzy shows no signs of stopping. 

LEARNING: Top money lessons of 2020

REALTOR PAY: The best regions of the country for real estate agent pay.  

SMALL BIZ LENDING: Small businesses hurt by the coronavirus pandemic are being refused loans by most banks

NON-BANK LENDERS: It just got easier for Amazon, Facebook and Walmart to become lenders.