Mortgage Roundup (10/5/20) – Fannie, Election & Rates

Good morning! Today is Monday, October 5. President Trump’s doctors said his condition was improving and he could be discharged from the hospital as soon as today. The U.S. hit its highest level of new Covid-19 cases in two months. Only two states are reporting declines. Apple updated its face mask-wearing emoji with smiling eyes. 

And in mortgage and housing news …

FANNIE’S FUTURE: Why the outcome of the election may not matter for Fannie Mae’s future.  

SIGHT UNSEEN: Tips from the new-home construction world that can help buyers feel more comfortable about remote home shopping.

COMMERCIAL MORTGAGES: Commercial real estate is one of the industries taking a hard hit from the pandemic.

RECESSION SCRIPT FLIPPED: According to a top housing industry expert, the current rampage in prices will keep running for months to come, even as the extraordinary sales sprint over the past few months slows to a more normal pace.

ELECTION EFFECT: Mortgage rates are low and level, partly because of the election.

OPERATION CORRUPT COLLECTOR: The CFPB, along with the FTC and more than 50 federal and state law enforcement partners, announced a nationwide law enforcement and outreach initiative to protect consumers from phantom debt collection and abusive and threatening debt collection practices. 

STUDENT LOAN DEBT: What to do if student loan debt makes it harder to qualify for a mortgage. 

RETIREMENT PLAN: Biden’s plan to overhaul 401(k) tax breaks could create a surge into Roth 401(k)s.

DOJ CHARGES: The Department of Justice is going after a Missouri reverse mortgage lender it says forged certifications and used unqualified underwriters to approve Federal Housing Administration-insured loans. 

RETIREMENT HOME BUYING: If you’re retired and are thinking about downsizing or relocating, and it involves buying a home, you might want to look into how you would finance it.