Morning Roundup (9/26/2022) – Adjacent Cities, Delinquencies

Good Morning! Today is Monday, September 26. Global markets tumbled this morning, and the pound fell to a record low against the dollar. Instead of rebounding, stocks have continued to fall, burning investors who stepped in to buy shares on sale. A NASA spacecraft is set to collide with an asteroid today, testing a technique to protect Earth.

The Mortgage Note Reports

Look At The Numbers: Adjacent cities grew during the pandemic as people fled New York, Los Angeles, and other major metropolitan areas. Writer Chuck Green has the story.

AG CEO: T.J. Durkin has been named CEO of AG Mortgage Investment, and other leadership changes have been made as David Roberts moves towards retirement.

August First Look: Delinquencies fell in August to 2.79%, just 4 basis points above May 2022’s record low, but foreclosure starts are up 14.7% from July.

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In other mortgage and housing news…

Bidding Wars Down: Just over 4 in 10 Redfin home offers faced competition in August, down from a year earlier as 6% mortgage rates price buyers out of the market.

Where Job Cuts Will Hurt Most: Unemployment is expected to increase, and economists say certain types of workers are more vulnerable to losing their jobs first.

BayFirst Scales Back: BayFirst Financial will now only originate mortgages in Florida, citing “the uncertain outlook for mortgage lending over the coming quarters.”

What Happened To Starter Homes?As land gets pricier, small, affordable homes make less sense to build, meaning entry-level homes get squeezed out.

“Exploring Their Options”: More Sun Belt buyers are backing out of purchases than anywhere in the U.S. as the housing market cools.

Staying Positive: John Paulson says another downturn in home prices may be in the cards but the banking system is in a much better condition to handle it.

Real/Brew: The Real Brokerage has signed an agreement to buy LemonBrew Lending.

Rent-to-Own: Is it a good idea or possible trouble? Here are the pros and cons.