Morning Roundup (8/26/2022) – Rates Back Up

Good Morning! Today is Friday, August 26. A federal judge ordered the release of a redacted version of the affidavit for the search warrant of Mar-a-Lago. Two Florida residents pleaded guilty to stealing Ashley Biden’s diary and selling it to a conservative group. Labor officials accused Starbucks of discriminating against unionized employees by promising raises only to stores that rejected the union.

The Mortgage Note Reports

Rates Back Up: Mortgage rates shot back up, rising from 5.13% last week to an average of 5.55%.

Price Peaking: Home prices have peaked in a growing number of overpriced markets as sellers and buyers pull back in the face of rising rates and affordability challenges.

Opinion: Scott Olson writes about the merger of Community Mortgage Lenders of America and Community Home Lenders Association, saying this will enhance their ability to influence mortgage policies in Washington.

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And in other mortgage and housing news…

Listings Drop: New listings fell 15%, the biggest annual decline since the start of the pandemic, thanks to sellers and buyers leaving the market due to economic uncertainty.

“Something Had To Give”: Black Knight’s Home Price Index saw July prices fall for the first time in 32 months in one of the largest monthly dips on record.

ARMs Profile: Homebuyers taking out ARMs today have higher incomes and make larger down payments on their homes, reducing the risk of a crash, Zillow says.

Blackstone Backs Out: Blackstone’s single-family landlord will stop buying homes in 38 US cities, becoming the latest investor to back away from the overheated market.

BOA Builder Rating: Analysts from Bank of America cut their rating on shares of three homebuilders as the housing market faces an economic slowdown.

Reali Shutters: “Buy before you sell” tech start-up Reali is shutting down just a year after raising $100 million in its series B fundraising round.

Teenage Dreams: Teens overwhelmingly want to own a home someday, with 85% of them believing it’s part of “the good life.”

New Buzzword?: “Red-hot,” “insane,” and “brutal” have been used to describe the housing market over the last few years, but economists have a new buzzword.